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PWAAPPT Overview - Requests to Offer (RTO)

Links to Instructions for Each Tab in PWAAPPT:
Appointment | Person | Pay | Tenure | Comments | AAEO | Log | Status

The BANNER form PWAAPPT produces on-screen Requests to Offer that are designed to be printed and signed. RTO packets are forwarded to Unclassified Personnel Services either directly or via Affirmative Action. The RTO is used to set up payroll and to create a contract that is mailed to the employee.

To access PWAAPPT, you must be an authorized BANNER user. BANNER access and authorization may be requested from BAO using the Banner Access Form (BAF) and FIS/HRIS User Profile (FUP) forms available on the BANNER Guide. To gain access to PWAAPPT please contact Unclassified Personnel Services.

Appointment Number
PWAAPPT immediately takes you to the “Key Block” for an appointment number.

If you would like to create a new RTO (including renewals and revisions), leave the appointment number field blank or clear the field if it is not blank. The system will assign a unique RTO number as you advance to the next block.

If you would like to access an existing RTO (to see what was done before or to complete an unfinished RTO), enter the number into the appointment number field and advance to the next block. If you don’t know the appointment number, click on the down-arrow to search for it. You can search based on any of the elements shown. Click on the down arrow next to the ID field to search for an ID.

Information Needed to Begin
Before you start a new RTO, be sure to have the following information at your fingertips:

  1. Employee’s UO ID Number (For new-to-UO employees, send a "Employee Information Form (EIF)"  to the Payroll office.)
  2. Position Number (See NAPO for new hires. For renewals, check BANNER form PWIVERI for the position number. For all current UO employees, check PWIVERI to make sure your appointment will not conflict with other appointments the employee may have.)
  3. Contract Dates
  4. Timesheet Organization Number

Eight Tabbed Screens
Once you have navigated from the appointment number block to the next block, you are in the first of eight tabbed screens in the appointment system. The tabs are located across the top of the block. Depending on your level of authorization, all or some tabs will be accessible to you. There is also an “Options” pull-down menu that allows you to do a variety of things with the RTO.

Enter all required fields on each tab that is accessible to you. As you move from tab to tab, save the information by pressing the [Save] icon. You can partially prepare an RTO, save the information, and come back to it later.

For detailed information about each tabbed screen, please refer to the links at the top of the page.

Tabs: Appointment | Person | Pay | Tenure | Comments | AAEO | Log | Status

Completing the RTO
Print out the RTO by choosing “Print RTO” from the Options menu. Once you are satisfied that the RTO is correct and complete, select “Department Close” from the Options menu. This action updates the Log Tab and prevents the department from making further changes. The RTO will always be available for you to view.

Two things to notice on the printed RTO:

  • “Overtime Eligibility" is an informational item, and applies only to administrative and research appointments. If BANNER does not contain an FLSA indicator for a new appointment, the RTO will print a message that says "To be determined by Human Resources".
  • “AAEO Disposition” is in the box in the top left corner. If your appointment is a renewal and the disposition says “Do not route to AAEO”, the RTO does not need to be reviewed by Affirmative Action.

Remember to [Save] before exiting. If you're doing a series of RTOs, click [Rollback] to take you back to the "Key Block".

Submission of the RTO Packet
Route the RTO packet to the department head/principal investigator and dean/director for approval signatures. Once these signatures are complete, route the RTO packet to Affirmative Action (as necessary) and then to Unclassified Personnel Services. 

Unclassified Personnel Services reviews the paperwork and issues an employment contract using the information on the RTO. When the contract is signed by both the Senior Vice Provost/Vice President and the employee and returned to Unclassified Personnel Services, copies are distributed to the department and dean’s/director’s office. The original contract is filed in the employee's faculty file.


RTO Packet:
1) Request to Offer Academic/Administrative Appointment
2) Affirmative Action Compliance Statement and any backup for the search (please note new hires from 2013 pool   searches do not require a compliance statement -please see the 2013 Open Applicant Pool hiring documentation instructions.
3) Current Vita (on new appointments and every fourth year for renewals)
4) Signed Employment Application (only on new appointments)


To Cancel an Appointment
If an RTO needs to be cancelled prior to the contract being issued, please notify Unclassified Personnel Services. If it is necessary to cancel an appointment after the contract has been printed (as indicated on the Log Tab), notify both Payroll and Unclassified Personnel Services. In both situations an email explanation is sufficient.

Appointment Reports (PWRAPRP)
The Appointment Reports screen (BANNER form PWRAPRP) allows users to create lists of appointments that are in the unclassified appointment system. Data can be downloaded in a report format or into an Excel spreadsheet. Complete instructions are available.