Courtesy Appointments

Courtesy faculty appointments may be offered to persons who visit the university from other institutions or work outside the university and who contribute without compensation to a department's program. Courtesy appointments are allowed for one year at a time and should normally cycle with the academic or fiscal year.

To request that a courtesy appointment be offered, the department prepares an Unpaid Appointment Form (UAF), indicating that a courtesy appointment is requested. Academic rank is required. The rank should be commensurate with the visitor's academic qualifications, present rank, and expected duties or activities. In the "Remarks" section, or by a separate memo, a statement should be provided outlining the individual's proposed service to or connection with the department or division and university. The name of the faculty sponsor or supervisor is required.

The department attaches a current vita or resume (no more than 3 years old).

With the approval and signature of the dean or director, the UAF and attachment are sent to the Office of Academic Affairs. If the request is approved, either the Vice President for Academic Affairs or the Vice President for Research will send a letter to the visitor extending the courtesy appointment.

To renew a courtesy appointment, complete a new UAF stating what the person is doing and who their faculty sponsor is, attach a vita, and submit the packet to the Office of Academic Affairs.

Individuals who have a courtesy faculty appointment will be issued a picture ID card by the UO Card Office. The following services will be available to them:

  • Library privileges.
  • An email account. Contact the Computing Center to set up the account.
  • The right to purchase a parking permit for the lots designated for Faculty/Staff.
  • The right to rent a locker and use a variety of indoor and outdoor recreational facilities available throughout campus.

It is important that individuals being granted a courtesy appointment are made aware that requests for these privileges cannot be processed until the individual’s courtesy appointment is in BANNER.

A postdoctoral fellow on an independent research fellowship who receives a stipend through the Business Office is eligible to participate on a voluntary basis in the medical and dental insurance plans offered to faculty. The appointing department should inform any Courtesy Postdoctoral Research Associate who wants to enroll in the medical and dental plans to contact Employee Benefits, ext. 6-3086.